Landriana Gardens

Landriana Gardens

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The history of the Landriana Gardens

The Landriana Gardens are born from the great passion for gardening of the marquise Lavinia Taverna, who in 1956, together with her husband, the marquis Gallarati Scotti, bought a property that was uncultivated and destroyed during the last war at a judicial auction. The marquise began as a hobby to plant trees and flowers, without a precise design and structure, but following her inspiration and taste, until in 1967, recommended by a friend, she invited the great English landscape architect Russell Page to bring order to her magnificent collections of plants and flowers, giving shape to a splendid Mediterranean garden. In the following decades, the Marquise Lavinia continued her improvement work on the Gardens until her death in 1997. Today the Gardens are still owned by Taverna, following also the will of the marquise are accessible to all, the doors are open to the public for visits guided tours, as event locations and gardening fairs.

The design of the Landriana Gardens

The great landscape architect Russel Page, respecting the refined spirit of the Marchesa Lavinia who had given life to one of the most beautiful large naturalistic parks in Italy, designed, through hedges and paths, strictly geometric shapes alongside soft and wavy lines. Page's design, albeit with some adaptations made in the eighties and nineties by the marquise Lavinia, is still present today in its various "rooms", each of which is characterized by a botanical variety. Today the visitor finds himself in front of masterpieces that, starting from the Cortile del Carrubo, continues, in a virtual tour of refined colors and essences, with the Rose Garden, the Orange Garden, the Cypress Avenue, the Garden of Olives, the White Avenue , the Valley of the ancient Roses, the Angle of the Magnolias, the new Gray Garden where the Secret Fountain, the Collection of the Hydrangeas, and the famous Blue Grass are hidden at the bottom.

Events in the Landriana Gardens

Today she is the daughter of the Marchesa Lavinia, Stefania Gallarati Scotti, to take care of the Landriana, with passion she personally manages the gardens also dedicating herself to promoting the Landriana at national and international levels. Two important events are held annually in the Gardens, both dedicated to gardening and nursery gardening. The first is the Landriana Spring which takes place in the last two weeks of April, the event is dedicated in particular to floriculture. The second is Autumn in Landriana in October, it is more dedicated to plants, autumn fruits, and preparatory work for the winter. The two events, due to the quality of international exhibitors and the rarity of some exhibited species, are confirmed as one of the most important of its kind. For the beauty of the places the Landriana is also chosen for locations of photographic events, weddings, various parties.

When to take a trip to the Landriana Gardens

You can take a nice trip to the Landriana during the opening period from the beginning of April to November 1, limited to a few days of the week. In August it is generally closed. The visits are guided with scheduled times. Consult the calendar on the site. In the Landriana there is also a nice restaurant for a pleasant lunch break. Great news for our little animal friends, during the openings in May and June there is a dog friendly area dedicated to them with games, water bowls, etc. How to get there by car. The Landriana Gardens are located in loc. Tor San Lorenzo-Ardea, Via Campo di Carne 51. From Rome it is easily accessible from the Grande Raccordo Anulare, exit n. 26 towards Latina, or with Pontina S.S. 148 exit direction Riserva Nuova.